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How Does it Work?

The first step to working together is a 15 minute discovery call to ensure we are a good match. Much like other kinds of counseling, it is important you feel comfortable with me so we can reach your goals together. I can also answer any general questions you have without you feeling like any commitment is necessary.

The Initial Appointment

The initial appointment is 60-minutes and can take place in person or virtually.

We will use this time to review your wellness history, any recent lab values, and your short and long term goals. You will receive a detailed summary of this meeting via email as well as a follow-up plan outlining specific goals and appropriate nutrition handouts.

Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are 30-minutes and are scheduled based on the individual needs of the client. 

We will review your progress, update your goals, and discuss any questions and concerns. Follow-up sessions can be purchased individually or in packages. Memberships, for clients looking for regular bi-monthly follow-ups, are also available.

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