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Wellness is more than a science, a diet, or a collection of habits. It is the whole of your culture, upbringing, and lifestyle as it relates to your health.

Katie Andrews, Registered Dietitian

Natural Medicine
Wellness Philosophy: Service


Katie believes in a true balance of food, movement, and lifestyle in order to achieve peak wellness. Whether working with your employees or your family, she focuses on this triad to make wellness both approachable and sustainable.


These three elements together lend themselves to a suite of Wellness Services offered by Katie.



Trying to separate the way you eat from your family and friends can take the enjoyment out of food. This is exactly why diets don't work - restrictions make us feel constantly deprived by keeping us from enjoying life's celebrations. Instead, incorporating healthy eating for your family - from a baby's first foods, to healthy school lunches, to cooking together - will make meals fun for everyone!

Running Down Stairs


Feeling healthy from the inside out means focusing on exercise, sleep and stress along with what you eat. The most important parts of your body - your brain, heart, lungs - excel when they are allowed to both work and rest. Finding the form of movement that makes you happy and incorporating it as part of your daily lifestyle is key, as is ensuring you are getting adequate time for recovery.



We truly are what we eat, but it's easy to get caught up in numbers, fads, and quick fixes when it comes to your diet. Counting calories, grams, and macronutrients doesn't help us truly learn about food in a way that serves our bodies. Through a whole foods approach to nutrition, you can reach any wellness goal without sacrificing the beauty of food.

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